[SOLVED] Roblox Error Code 267

Roblox is a great gaming platform where you can create games yourself or play games created by other people. However, sometimes users find that they are kicked out of a game and given the error code 267. Normally this error code appears like this:

DISCONNECTED: You were kicked from this game [Error Code 267]

Roblox has security settings that remove users who are doing anything illegal or anything which is against their terms and conditions. Roblox error code 267 should appear when Roblox removes one of those users.

However, normal Roblox users often get this error code by mistake or because there is an issue with their computer. You can also get it if you are playing a game that someone else has made using an illegal script.

This article will tell you how to fix Roblox error code 267.

Why do I see Roblox error code 267?

This error code is quite frustrating because users get it when they are in the middle of a game. They suddenly find that they have been kicked from the game and are unable to rejoin.

If you were playing a game that was made using an illegal script, this might have saved you from a virus or malware. So it’s not all bad.

If you received the error code by mistake it’s not usually that difficult to solve the problem.

There are various reasons why it can occur:

  • You were playing a game made using an illegal script
  • You have a poor connection
  • You are using the wrong browser
  • You have the wrong browser settings
  • You have the wrong settings on your computer
  • Roblox is corrupted and needs to be reinstalled

Note: If your account is less than 30 days old

Roblox users have reported that error code 267 will appear for some users on particular games if their account is less than 30 days old. Users whose account is less than 30 days old may be able to access some games, but not other ones.

If your account is less than 30 days old, you may have to wait before you’re able to access certain games.

How do I solve Roblox error code 267?

This article will take you through, step by step, all the things that you should do to fix Roblox error code 267.

There are some things you should do first just to check that the problem isn’t just caused by a slow internet connection or a minor bug on your computer.

Things to do first

First, make sure there isn’t a simple reason that you’re getting Roblox error code 267.

Check your internet connection

First, check that you don’t just have a slow internet connection

  1. Right-click on the internet icon in the bottom right of your screen
  2. Go to Open Network and Internet Settings
  3. Click on Status and check that you have a good connection
  4. Next, click on Wi-Fi and see if you have a good Wi-Fi signal. Roblox works best with a strong Wi-Fi signal

If you have a slow connection or a weak Wi-Fi signal this could be the cause of the error message. If your connection is slow you should repair it. If your Wi-Fi signal is poor you should move closer or use a wired connection.

Restart your router and your computer

It’s worth restarting your router and your computer, to check that a minor issue with either of them is not the cause of the error code.

If your router is not working properly it may have caused a connectivity issue which resulted in Roblox error code 267. Likewise, a minor bug on your laptop could be the cause of the problem as well.

  • Turn your router off at the wall and unplug it
  • Wait for 30 seconds, plug it back in, and power it up
  • Leave it for 5 minutes
  • While you are doing this, you should also restart your computer

After, you have finished return to Roblox and try to rejoin the game you were playing. Hopefully, error code 267 does not return.

See if Roblox is down

Error code 267 often crops up when Roblox is experiencing a down. Check that this isn’t why you were kicked from the game. There are lots of websites that you can check Roblox’s status on, such as downdetector.com.

Run a virus scan

Viruses and malware can interfere with Roblox. You should regularly run virus scans anyway and so it’s worth checking that a virus or malware is not causing the problem. Run a virus scan and remove anything which might be causing the problem.

In-depth solutions

Here are the in-depth solutions to the Roblox error code 267.

Option #1: Use Google Chrome as your browser

Google Chrome is usually the best browser to use for Roblox. If you aren’t using Chrome this may be the problem.

  1. Open your normal browser
  2. Type ‘google.com/chrome’ into the address bar and hit enter
  3. Click on Download Chrome
  4. Then click on Accept and Install and then click Save File

Note: You can also download Chrome from the Microsoft Store.

After Google Chrome has downloaded and installed use this as your browser for Roblox and see if the error code returns.

Option #2: Update Google Chrome

If you are already using Google Chrome for Roblox you should make sure that you have an up-to-date version.

  1. Open Chrome and go to More in the top right corner
  2. Click on Update Google Chrome
  3. Allow Chrome to update and then relaunch the browser

Note: If there is no Update Google Chrome option this means that you are up to date.

After you’ve relaunched Chrome, return to Roblox and see if error code 267 returns.

Option #3: Reset your browser settings

Resetting all of your internet browser settings will often resolve error code 267.

Google Chrome

  1. Open Chrome and go to More in the top right corner
  2. Go to Settings and then Advanced Settings
  3. Click on the Reset Settings option
  4. Click on Restore Settings to their Original Defaults
  5. Allow the reset to happen

Note: This will reset you settings for your default search engine, homepage and tabs, new tabs, tabs that you have pinned, cookies and site data, extensions and themes and content.

Internet Explorer

To reset Internet Explorer…

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on the Advanced tab
  3. Click on Reset

Other browsers

The process is usually similar to other browsers. Find Settings or Internet Options and then go to advanced settings and look for a restore settings option.

After you’ve finished close and then reopen your browser and return to Roblox. See if Roblox error code 267 returns.

Option #4: Verify your browser security settings

Even after resetting your browser settings, the security settings on your browser may be interfering with Roblox. You should check that this isn’t an issue.

  1. Open your browser and locate Settings or Internet Options
  2. Go to Advanced Settings
  3. Disable any settings which may be interfering with Roblox

Close and restart your browser. Return to Roblox and see if you still have error code 267.

Option #5: Disable ad-blockers

An ad blocker can also interfere with the Roblox game server and activate a code 267 Roblox error.

  1. Open your browser and locate Settings or Internet Options
  2. On most browsers, you should then look for Extensions (on Chrome go to Manage your Extensions)
  3. Look for the AdBlocker section
  4. Click on disable ad blockers

Close and then relaunch your browser and return to Roblox. This may resolve Roblox error code 267.

Option #6: Update your network drivers

Try updating your network drivers to see if they are causing a connectivity issue which is resulting in error code 267.

  1. Search for Device Manager in the Search Bar
  2. Go to Network Adapters and then to Wireless
  3. Right-click on it and select Update the Driver
  4. Your computer should automatically update your wireless network adapter drivers

Allow the process to finish and then restart your computer. Return to Roblox and see if you get any more error messages.

Option#7: Uninstall and then Reinstall Roblox

If Roblox has become corrupted, then the best thing to do is to uninstall and then reinstall the latest version.


To delete Roblox and then reinstall it…

  1. Logout of Roblox and close it
  2. Search for Control Panel in the Search bar
  3. Click on Programs
  4. Go to Programs and Features
  5. You’ll see a list of apps
  6. Find Roblox and right-click on it
  7. Choose Uninstall


After you have finished, go to the website and download and install the latest version of Roblox. Open Roblox and try to return to the game you were playing before. Hopefully, Roblox error code 267 does not return.

Option #8: Use a wired internet connection

Connectivity issues are often the root cause of Roblox error code 267. Using a wired internet connection can overcome these problems.

Nowadays, a lot of routers come as a 2-in-1 modem and router. Disabling Wi-Fi and running an ethernet cable from an ethernet port to your computer should allow you to use the internet with a wired connection.

Try doing this and then return to Roblox and see if this resolves error code 267.

Option #9: Disable Windows Firewall

Disabling Windows Firewall can resolve connectivity issues that are affecting your gameplay on Roblox.

To disable the firewall…

  1. Logout of Roblox and close it
  2. Type Firewall in the Search Bar and click on it
  3. Firewall will open
  4. On the left-hand side go to Turn Windows Defender Firewall On or Off
  5. There are 2 tick boxes for Block all Incoming Connections. One for your privacy settings and one for your public settings.
  6. Deselect both of these boxes
  7. Click OK

After you have finished reopening Roblox. Return to the game you were playing before and see if the 267 Roblox error code returns.

Option #10: Contact Roblox

If none of the above fixes work, we suggest that you contact Roblox for further advice. They may be able to resolve the issue for you and are the best people to go to if the fixes we have suggested haven’t worked.

We hope that this article has helped you to resolve Roblox error code 267 and that you aren’t getting the ‘kicked from this game’ message anymore. Make sure that you come back here if you get this error message again.


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